Cold days

The days around Christmas have been colder than usual. But with snow and cold weather winter is at its peak of beauty. Perhaps it is the contrast between the light blue sky and the white snow, and the snow crystals on trees and buildings, I am not sure. Despite the low temperature my sister and I have gone out for long walks with the dogs, but just for two to three hours. To be out for a longer time is difficult both for the dogs paws and our hands and feet.

Winterdays and Christmas preparations

There are few things I like as prepare for Christmas. I think it is the short and cold days that ask for spending cosy days in the kitchen, preparing with cakes and chocolates and truffles…and of course our gingerbread town. My sister and I have for over 20 years made a gingerbread town for Christmas. The challenge consists of making it both tasty and also appealing for the eye. This town has changed its apparence a little every year, but the church and the train have always been present. Last year I added an abside to make it a little more a line a cathedral. Here are some pictures showing this year’s town, the summit of preparations.

Before I put the church together I decorate the parts standing up.
The most difficult stage is done, to put it together with melted sugar.
A family that is a little late for mass… This is a gift from my brother and his wife. They bought it in U.S.

A Frosty Walk

Walks in frost are special; hidden things are made visible. Things that you do not really think were there come forth in their sublimity but also in their own little world. Spiders webs. Both dew and frost all of a sudden reveal the intricate patterns these little creatures have created. Creatio s which are both practical and beautiful.

Sunday colours

There is few things as beautiful as fog in the morning a winter day… A walk that lasted some hours, cold but very beautiful.

I love these lonley roads, especially on Sunday forenoons when people prefer being at home, I suppose taking a long breakfast. There is a silence in the air created, I think, by the low temperature, as if every creature is economising with even the callings to save some energy. Even the thoughts become sparse, the mind listening to the sound of birds flapping and one’s own footsteps in the snow.

A lovely walk in the snow

The snow comes and goes, and with it the reflection of the sun on the ground. One never really knows how the walk will turn out, as this walk with Toby. We had been waking for one and a half hour then suddenly the sun found its way through the clouds and we are standing there bathed in winter evening light. I appreciate these gems of moments very much. I think it is because I am not in control, and thus can receive it as a gift.

An interesting walk

I was out walking with Toby and decided to try a new route and follow a trail I hadn’t walked before. It turned out to be a little adventure, crossing a swamp and then found our way through and up a great clearcut. I could see on the ground that it had been fields and pastures probably 100 years from now. Three hills and three valleys we crossed, listening to a family of ravens calling to each other. All human sounds were absent which created a sense of being in the wilderness far from all civilisation, a soothing feeling. The ravens were in their right element and their hoarse calling appealed to me in their somberness. Toby found of course the new place very interesting and was full of excitement. With time we found our way home through forest roads lined with piles of timber.