Sunday colours

There is few things as beautiful as fog in the morning a winter day… A walk that lasted some hours, cold but very beautiful.

I love these lonley roads, especially on Sunday forenoons when people prefer being at home, I suppose taking a long breakfast. There is a silence in the air created, I think, by the low temperature, as if every creature is economising with even the callings to save some energy. Even the thoughts become sparse, the mind listening to the sound of birds flapping and one’s own footsteps in the snow.

One thought on “Sunday colours

  1. Hello Magdalena. Your blogs are very interesting capturing both nature and your thoughts. To me winter is one of favorite season as being a farmer it gives me time off from the work and rest and recover and plus to I like cooler weather Person but not to cold 😃. Hello from Canada and have a very Merry Christmas 🌲⛄⛄🌲


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