Winterdays and Christmas preparations

There are few things I like as prepare for Christmas. I think it is the short and cold days that ask for spending cosy days in the kitchen, preparing with cakes and chocolates and truffles…and of course our gingerbread town. My sister and I have for over 20 years made a gingerbread town for Christmas. The challenge consists of making it both tasty and also appealing for the eye. This town has changed its apparence a little every year, but the church and the train have always been present. Last year I added an abside to make it a little more a line a cathedral. Here are some pictures showing this year’s town, the summit of preparations.

Before I put the church together I decorate the parts standing up.
The most difficult stage is done, to put it together with melted sugar.
A family that is a little late for mass… This is a gift from my brother and his wife. They bought it in U.S.

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