On a visit to Hilleshögs dalar

It is a special feeling to walk to the shore while the sun is rising. September can contain both days of Autumn and of Summer, much depending on from where the wind is blowing. This week a southerner started blowing and brought with it warmth from the south of Europe. The haze, which comes of the warm days and cold nights, creates a mysterious light and warm colours in the hills and valleys.

My sister lives in a convent close to a nature reserve called Hilleshögs dalar, the Valleys of Hilleshög. The nature reserve includes a big part of the coastline. A century ago it was used as a harbour, since nature has formed a natural harbour there. Now it is a protected area and home for sand martins and sea gulls. The beach is often abandoned and you can see the island Ven not far from the shore.

The sand banks

My sister lives in a cloistered convent, which means that the nuns have taken the decision to not let people inside the convent and they do not leave the convent. To be able to see my sister then, we must visit her. We live in a house by the convent owned by the convent.

So to get some feeling of nature my sister and I walk in Hilleshögs dalar just 5 minutes by car from the convent, not only to walk the dogs but also to get some fresh air and be by the sea. The scenery is beautiful and I never tire of going there.

One morning was especially beautiful, because we arrived at the time when the fog was slowly lifting, but did still lingered over the sea. A flock of Canadian geese were resting on the water. Peace and beauty mingled together as the sea and sky were not possible to tell apart.

These moments are true gifts. Turning back I carry something with me, the beauty has touched my heart and mind. It witnesses of something and someone beyond and outside of myself that touches and opens the heart, for gratefulness.

Toby loves the sea and to see him play with enthusiasm in the water makes me happy. It is also special to see how his presence doesn’t disturb the peace, or frightens the sea birds, but just makes the hour lovelier.

Thank you God

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