Midsummer is past and summer is maturing into autumn. I do so like midsummer. At first it was the feast to John the Baptist, but here in Sweden that is now forgotten, which is a great pity. I think, Midsummer contains a great drama, everything stands on its peak and at the same time, preparing for winter. The sun solstice here in the north this Midsummer I had decided to make a daisy-chain.

My first daisy-chain

I love to have flowers in my hair, and this celebration is a celebration in nature and among the flowers. Thus making a daisy-chain is like wearing a bouquet in one’s hair. After a google search, I found useful instructions on a YouTube clip and managed to make one that I just had to take a photo of. We sat up after dinner watching the sun slowly setting behind the horizon, the longest day of the year. It also brings with it a longing for heaven, where life never ends.

The swedish flower called “slåttergubbe” which is a flower that in old times marked the time for hay harvest.

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